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Håkan Hardenberger established himself as one of the great trumpet players of our era in this recording featuring the ever-popular Haydn and Hummel trumpet.

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Weaire and T. Aste and T. E 77 , Aste, T.

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Di Matteo, M. Saadatfar, T. Senden, M. Conway and N. Donev, F. Stillinger, P. Chaikin, and S. Chen, M. Engel, and S. Bautista-Carbajal, A. Chen, D. Klotsa, M. Engel, P. Damasceno, and S. X 4 , Cinacchi and S. Donev, I.

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Cisse, D. Sachs, E. Variano, F.

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Stillinger, R. Connelly, S. Torquato, and P. Delaney and P. Schaller, M. Neudecker, M. Saadatfar, G.


Delaney, G. Schaller, S.

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Kapfer, J. Hilton, P. Cleary, K. Mecke, C. De Michele, T. Schilling, M.

Saadatfar, M. Delaney, and G. Jaoshvili, A. Esakia, M. Porrati, and P. Neudecker, S.

Effect of particle size distribution on 3D packings of spherical particles | EPJ Web of Conferences

Ulrich, S. Herminghaus, and M. Glotzer and M. Huang and P. Kallus, Pessimal Packing Shapes , Geom. Lagarias and C. AMS 59 , In general, aspherical particles are not fully contained in the Voronoi cells constructed from the particle centers. For packings of monodisperse spheres, the Set Voronoi diagram coincides with the conventional Voronoi diagram. Luchnikov, N. Medvedev, L. Oger, and J. E 59 , Kapfer, M. Evans, M.

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Hoffmann, T. Aste, M. Saadatfar, K. Mecke, G. In the Pursuit of Perfect Packing, Tomaso Aste and Denis Weaire take uson a tour of this familiar, yet not quite so familiar, world, with a blend ofmathematical insight, historical incident, and just plain good fun. This is seriousmathematics, written in an engaging and amusing style, that ranks at a highlevel for expository science writing. The authors are both physicists, which onlyserves to underline the fact that good mathematics and good science are neverfar apart.

One of the authors D. Weaire, FRS has the distinction of being a maincontributor in defeating the year old Kelvin conjecture.

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It was the blindPlateau who, with the help of his visually unchallenged friends, laid down thegeometric principles of soap bubbles. Doubt continuedhowever, since in real foams the ideal Kelvin cell is nowhere to be found! All this and many other marvelous tales, from honeycombs, lattices, sausages,. Who would enjoy the of Perfect Packing? I think just about everyone whois mathematically inclined.