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Check guides on Partition Operations.

The main function of Disk Partition Management is freely resizing the partition. Instead of providing luxurious features, Macrorit Partition Expert MDE is focused on developing new core algorithm and providing unique, secure performance on disk partition managing. For enterprise-class users, enterprise data security and disaster protection are always in the first position.

What Is Recovery Partition?

MDE is the only one and brand new disk partition management tool especially for enterprise-class server users, which supports NTFS file system partition adjustment and provides perfect enterprise-class data protection. Traditional disk partition software can keep data intact when there are no emergences. However, once a disaster occurs during the resize process, all data on the partition will be destroyed, and such data loss cannot be salvaged at all Possible disasters include Windows System Exception, blue screen, software conflict, bug, system crash, virus attack, power off, hard disk failure and other.

Traditional disk partition software will remind you to do a partition back up before resizing or moving partition, or built-in data recovery software for rescuing after a disaster.

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  6. Partition and Manage Your Disk.

MDE's enterprise-class data protection could restore the system to the original status when a disaster happens, which enables you to shut down the computer by force or just cut off the power during the process of resizing NTFS partition on Server without worrying about data loss. View Change Log. Able to cancel operations before it finishes while data stay intact.

Easy and fast to run partition program without installing to system. If we go through the same kind of process as before not show again here , we increase the size of the single disk and do a rescan, the result would look something like this: So, if the goal was to increase the size of the C: drive then by simply right-clicking on the drive, it could be extended as before. Remember that the C: drive is not at the end of the drive. OK, will I see the same behavior if I tried to extend the E: drive instead, right? Remember that this volume is at the end of the drive. Lesson learned The important takeaway from the previous example is if you are trying to resize a volume, then it either has to be the only volume on the disk or must be at the end of the disk.

The problem is that a volume can't be moved by the built-in features.

Guideline: One volume per disk I want to show you how easy it is to resize a disk, but also to offer a practical example to show how important it is to plan and design virtual machines properly at setup. It can save you a lot of trouble in the future, especially in a virtualized environment, where all of a sudden you need to increase the size of a volume. In the original example above, we had a single volume on a single disk, and then we moved on to two volumes on a single disk.

The better way to setup two volumes on a virtual machine would be to have two disks, so that each volume had its own dedicated disk. Setting up a second disk In this next example, if I started off with a system with a single disk, and wanted to add a second disk it would be as simple as adding the proper virtual hardware to the virtual machine as shown below. Once you add a new disk to an existing Windows Server virtual machine you have to bring the disk online, initialize it and create a volume on it not shown.

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This is what a better setup looks like: In this last example, I don't have any constraints if I need to increase the size of either my C: or E: drives because now they are either the only volume on the disk or are at the end. Ready to test your skills in VMware? See how they stack up with this assessment from Smarterer. Start this VMware test now.

Partition Magic Windows Server Manager

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    10-A Beginner guide Disk Management on Window Server 2016#02

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