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Not a great article, just what I turned up in a hasty search. A flat disc on the backs of four elephants.

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It involves a huge 'bubble' in space that it turns out is full of smaller 'bubbles,' each with its own climate, topography, etc. Imagine the cube from the movie "Cube" but instead of traps, each huge chamber is a biome where people can live. The symbiotic spaceships in McIntyre's Little Faces. Spoiler alert! The Daban Urnud in Anathem.

1968 science fiction novels

The Algebraist has a species that lives in gas giants, and it's done in a very interesting. Halo's iconic ringworld is an old idea, but the gargantuan blossom-shaped Ark from Halo 3 was not something I'd ever seen in fiction before. Also, the short story "Missile Gap," by MeFi's Own cstross, deals with the teleportation of s Earth to the surface of a "preposterously" large disc, with some serious ramifications for geopolitics.

Thistledown, from Greg Bear's Eon , a habitat carved inside the asteroid Juno containing two cities, which was intended to serve as an interstellar spaceship but became the site of a pocket universe that intersected multiple other universes. Cities in Flight by James Blish. Arthur C. Clarke's Rama series. Edit: oops, someone alrady did this. Maybe this will tweak someone's memory: There was an SF story about a moon of Jupiter? Inside there was a self-contained biome. But I'm wracking my brain for anything more detailed and can't come up with it. Well worth tracking down, though the third novel in the series gets a bit weird… posted by monotreme at PM on May 1, The Integral Trees - Larry Niven.

A disk of atmosphere around a star with people living in floating trees. Monotreme, thank you, that was the one! Sun of Suns does this quite cleverly. Also, Megastructures Theoretical. Planet Spaceship TVTropes. The Coldfire Trilogy had a very interesting setting. Ron Forward's Dragon's Egg and its sequel Starquake is a hard SF story of aliens cheelas living on a neutron star and their interactions with humans.

Destination: Void

Made more interesting by the effective time dilation the humans experience relative to the cheelas whose life time is about 40 human minutes. Fred Saberhagen's The Veils of Azlaroc: Azlaroc is a strange world, not quite planet and not quite star. Much of the landscape is comprised of stunningly regular geometric solids. Once a year a "veil" of energy encapsulates everything and everyone on the planet.

This has the effect of allowing different time periods to interact. Larry Niven's known space is full of weird planets. Besides the well known Ringworld there is potential spoilers follow if you don't know Known space Jinx - an egg shaped moon of a jovian primary. Its poles extend out of the atmosphere and the lowland equatorial belt is Venus like. People live in between. We Made It - Its axis is tilted to align with it's orbit like Uranus causing killer winds Plateau - the planet is Venus like except for a single landmass about half the size of California that rises to a height where Earth like conditions exist.

Canyon - the habitual zone is in a deep canyon as the air is too thin at the regular surface. Kobold - a tiny artificial habitat built on an asteroid with a neutronium core surrounded by a torus in the Earth's outer solar system. Fleet of Worlds is five planets orbiting a common centre of gravity without a central star Phillip Jose Farmer's Riverworld is an earth like planet dominated by a single river that winds its way from one pole to the other. The river is bounded by relatively narrow inhabitable strips.

American science fiction horror films

Also his World of Tiers series: They are set within a series of artificially-constructed universes, created and ruled by decadent beings who are genetically identical to humans, but who regard themselves as superior, the inheritors of an advanced technology they no longer understand. First of all, Scott Brick is on par with his performance. There is not always a huge difference in the voices he gives his characters, but he annunciates clearly and his tone and tempo are always appropriate.

I don't understand the reviews that did not like the female characters. I suppose they didn't provide a lot of information as to why they we're not liked. Halley it was an audio book so not sure of the spelling is probably the most refreshing female character I have read in a Herbert book. Sometimes I think Herbert tries to portray strength in his females by giving them male characteristics very apparent in this book , and Halley seemed to portray real feminine strength.

I unfortunately have not read Ransom before. I would like to so I could better understand his influence on the book. I could see the religious themes of the story grinding on all sides of religious views. I believe both sides of a religious debate could find their views represented in this book.

2010s horror thriller films

Unfortunately, I also thing both sides can find opposing views in this book. Which is what makes it so great, but I think it is easy for people to find offense if they want to. I would highly recommend this book to anybody who is not easily offended and is willing to approach sensitive subjects with an open mind. If you're looking for sci-fi action adventure, this is probably not for you.

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Colonists on Pandora face a planet designed to kill them. The enigmatic Ship watches from above, and has thawed out a hibernating chaplain-psychiatrist to complete the players in a power struggle of politics, religion, and biology - if they survive the hostile environment, they must still learn to WorShip or be destroyed.

Excellent performance by Scott Brick. I really love this book. It's elegant literature. It has great sweeping scene changes and different slices of perspectives. It has tons of really really sci-fi concepts mixed with economics, human natures, empathy and Maciavalian agendas crashing together.

Great stuff. It's an interesting story and the ideas are worth it but it's hard to follow. Even after listening the real first book Destination: Void, it was hard to understand what is going on. At the middle of the book I stopped listening and went to the Wikipedia page to read about the story. It help a lot because after that it was easier to recognize the characters and link the acts that they were doing with the story. Again, I think that to enjoy this series, it's better to read a physical copy of the book.

They include political and religious systems, often very foreign to the known. They are so different, it is difficult for the average person to wrap their head around them. Herbert's books are often long, as the explaining of these worlds is a long torturous path. When I was in my early twenties I picked up Dune, two or three times, but could not figure it out. Than the movie came out and now it is one of my favorites.

Destination Void by Frank Herbert

Dune is a complex rich story, complete in all aspects. This book might be the same, but until I see the movie, I will probably not get my tiny brain around it. Scott Brick Brick has changed and is now one of the better narrators. It is not BS, SB is good. A worthy successor to the Dune series. All the piety and complexity of Dune, with a fresh storyline and new characters. This book is much slower than novels written by just Frank Herbert. It finally gets interesting and active toward the end, but then the very end falls flat. It spends a lot of time at the beginning developing the story very slowly and building very slowly and in the end only sort of crescendos into, what?

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The authors don't really paint a clear picture of the result of it all. It's missing the clarity and punch Frank Herbert novels have. I'm sure collaborating is hard and that seems to have left this novel diffuse in a way that made the effort of reading it feel very unsatisfactory.