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The Duchess Formerly Known as Kate gets pregnant for a third time What's the skinny on Recently an Australian video went viral by bashing pharmacists. Was it deserved, or naaaaah?

We dive in. We look at the studies suggesting that heavy cannabis use may be associated with cyclic vomiting syndrome in some patients. Is it a thing, or A Salt Lake City hospital nurse gets hauled off in handcuffs from the emergency department for refusing to allow a blood draw on an unconscious He also made Capitalism: A Love Story , which has a higher-than-average percentage of truth than is typical for him.

Then again, he said "Get used to saying President Romney'" back in , so At least Moore will be happy; he has someone new to make movies against. As of , he was attempting to destroy the Trump presidency by Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Jump to: navigation , search. See the main article on this topic: Bowling for Columbine. He will be forced to. Because, thanks to his crazy war, recruitment is going to be at an all-time low.

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And many of the troops stuck over there are NOT going to re-enlist. The only way Bush is going to be able to staff the military is to draft you and your friends. Parents, make no mistake about it - Bush's second term will see your sons taken from you and sent to fight wars for the oily rich. Hidden categories: Articles with unsourced statements Articles needing explanation. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read Edit Fossil record. Support Donate. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? Yeah- CNN is confirming that Canada has built a wall to keep us out. What do you mean they built a wall?!

They can't build a fucking wall! Oh, fuck them to death! A lone guard sits atop the foot wall, and the Americans get out of their cars]. Hey there! Beautiful day, isn't it? What the hell is this?! Oh this? This is a wall. Sorry buddih, nobody allowed in. Can they do that? Look, we came to speak with your government about that. Yeah, no, sorry! Everything past here is ours. You can't, you can't go past, past here. We're Americans!

See a Problem?

We don't even want to be over there! What do you think we're gonna do?

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  • Well, you know, we just don't want you Supporter 2. That is ridiculous! All right, smartass! That's just about enough-. Look, there's just some really cool shit back here and we don't feel like sharing it. Don't worry aboot it. What's back there? Let me see! Goddammit, let me see! South Park Elementary playground, day.

    The Americans and Canadians have separated into their own cliques. Cartman and Butters stand between the groups checking out the Canadian girls. Butters is still pissed that he lost. What about that one? In the glasses?

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    She's kinda hot. She's not hot!

    Borderlands Ep. 6 "Dude where's my car?"

    She looks like a messed-up cucumber with wieners on it! All right, how about the lanky one, there? Ooo, ooo, What about the one in the hat? She kind of looks like Alanis Morissette, huh? Alanis Morissette is like 80 years old or something! Okay, Bu-Butters, relax. Well I don't want a Canadian girlfriend, Eric!

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    Do you just want a race war? The one in the white shoes isn't that ugly. Okay, go fuck the one in the white shoes. I'm Charlotte. Oh Charlotte, I've never done this before. You think Scar's up there? He wasn't my father, but he's still part of me. Oh no, Simba, we have barely begun. We'll run away together and To himself] And start a pride all of our own. CNN Report, at the Canadian border. Dan, the field reporter, is updating. Tom, the scene at the Canadian border is electric as several political leaders try and strategize how to deal with being shut out of Canada.

    Garrison and two other leaders step up to the mics.

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    Male politician. If the Canadian government wants to put up a wall, they have every right. Female politician. And yet, we must ask why they thought this to be necessary. No, fuck them and fuck you! What we need is a-. The Canadians can't do this! Don't they realize that hundreds of thousands of their people are over here illegally? Oh, you guys didn't put up a wall?

    And you keep your goddamned mouth shut, smart-ass! I'll deal with you! He turns to face them. An outdoor mall in South Park. Butters returns with some ice cream for himself and Charlotte. Here you go. Thanks, Butters. I'm sore-y I didn't know what ice cream was.