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The question you might be wondering is this: Which constitution is the oldest? The answer might surprise you! But first, here are a few other very old constitutions:. The Constitution of Australia is made of several documents.

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Originally, the Constitution of Australia gave the United Kingdom power to change the laws. The country is a constitutional monarchy , and has the ninth oldest constitution in the world. The Tongan constitution, like the US constitution, was written to create a balance between the legislative, executive, and judiciary parts of the government. Each year, the constitution is celebrated throughout the land on Constitution Day.

Oldest Constitutions Still Being Used Today

Tonga has a king, and he wields power through a Cabinet, and to keep that in check, there is alsd of State. The Constitution of Luxembourg is the set of laws that people of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg follow. This is a modern constitution, but it dates back to and has been amended several times over the years.

This constitution brought in radical changes in the country, and technically, you can call this constitution an amendment of the original constitution of the country. The original constitution was created in There are articles in this constitution, and it is divided into 13 different chapters. From to , the UK could technically make changes to the Canadian constitution at will, but after the passage of the Constitution Act, , changes to the constitution only occur in Canada.

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This is thanks to Quebec, where private law is governed by civil law, not common law, which is applied in all other provinces. This means that every law passed in Canada must take both into account, and must print laws in both English and French. The Constitution of Argentina is the main legal document of which all laws are based in the country.

This constitution has been reformed six times.

There are four parts to the Argentinian constitution and the rights of the people are divided into four different categories: Civil, Patrimonial, Politic, and Social. Like similar governments, Argentina has three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. There is also a Public Ministry that is an independent body. The Constitution of Denmark forms part of the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark, but not all, as the country is also ruled by Royal Law.

Not only does the constitution affect the Kingdom of Denmark, but also the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The original constitution had sections, which has been amended down to 89 sections.

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Once the American Constitution was ratified, the idea of the single written constitution became popular the world over. Poland adopted its first written constitution in the spring of ; France followed with its first written constitution later that year and went through four constitutions in the s alone. Many 19th century changes of government were marked by the adoption of written constitutions, some of which are still in existence. The European Revolutions of produced dozens of new constitutions in that year alone, though few of them lasted. But it was clear by century's end in many parts of the world that changes of government should be marked by the adoption of new constitutions.

Global Survey of National Constitutions

In the 20th century, constitutions have become fashionable, especially since the Second World War. Almost all democratic governments now have written constitutions. Since the collapse of the Soviet Empire, a wave of new constitution-writing has produced a new faith in the abilities of constitutions to guide new governments. The new constitutions tend to be much longer than the American one, because they govern more institutions like central banks, administrative agencies, cabinet-level offices, and the military and because they include more rights not only a more extensive list of civil and political rights, but also increasingly social, cultural and economic rights as well.

The United States Constitution is one of the most well known constitutions in the world, and is the supreme law of the United States of America. It came into force in , following its initial ratification in June of Since its implementation, the U.

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Constitution has been amended 27 times. The first 10 Amendments, collectively referred to as the "Bill of Rights", made provisions for protections of individual freedoms and met the need for equal justice, all the while curbing the powers of the government in certain cases. The majority of the remaining amendments have focused on the expansion and protection of civil rights.

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  6. The Constitution of the United States is the shortest documented Constitution in the world, and has influenced the drafting of the constitutions of many other countries since then. The Republic of San Marino is believed to have the oldest surviving Constitution in the world. However, instead of being a single document, the Constitution of San Marino is comprised by a series of six books written in Latin, collectively referred to as the "Statutes of ".

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    These came into effect on the 8th of October, However, a number of historians and legal scholars abstain from recognizing the San Marino Constitution as the oldest, surviving national constitution in the world. They argue that the multiple texts that define the governance and laws of San Marino do not fall under the category of constitution. Meanwhile, the single text document serving as the Constitution of the United States does meet these stipulations, and therefore many consider it the oldest.

    However, the debate rages on, and so does the ambiguity of the definition of any given country's constitution.